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Susan Lowry
Susan Lowry
Susan Lowry
Susan Lowry

Telepathic evolution is a spark of hope in the dark days that follow the apocalyptic plague. It begins with a vague 'ping' from somewhere far away — and a stranded child with an amazing gift.

The Ping Series is a unique, character-driven survival story that brings together a small colony — possibly the only people left on the entire planet. Their journeys combine horror, action-packed adventure, and a sprinkling of light romance as they develop their telepathic skills.

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" eerie, so foreboding, it's like stepping into a Twilight Zone episode - and it'll be a while before you're able to step back out again!" – Amazon reviewer

"…the characters are so engaging that you quickly come to care about this small group of survivors. It was a delight to read a great post-apocalyptic story that was neither gory or relied heavily upon the overused standard tropes of the genre. Instead Lowry has created something very unexpected that provided me with a thoroughly satisfying read. I was sad to see it end and hope to find more books by this author in the future." – reviewer

"...I love this series and need the next one now." – Amazon reviewer

"…it manages to bridge a post-apocalyptic survival adventure with a touching human story." – Amazon reviewer

"…mixes the reality of the apocalypse with the magic of the human spirit." – Amazon reviewer

"…well-written…interesting, clever piece of fiction." – Amazon reviewer

"...Susan Lowry's debut novel, Ping, is a real page-turner! She creates interesting, compelling characters and a plot that will draw you in and keep you interested. Lowry deftly weaves elements of science fiction into a postmodern, post-apocalyptic world that seems terrifyingly plausible. Fans of Stephen King, Michael Crichton, and Dean Koontz will especially enjoy this strong, swift, suspenseful novel." – Amazon reviewer

"...The author's incorporation of telepathic powers was a unique complexity that served to better interconnect the characters and events. The writing itself was skillful and the editing professional. This is a story as much about the people who survived as it is the apocalypse they survived. Well done! " – Amazon reviewer