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Susan Lowry

Composing poetry and short stories was one of my first interests in grade school. Painting and art were also among my passions as I grew up on the outskirts of Toronto.

Later I moved to Mississauga with my husband, a computer programmer, to raise our son and daughter, who were read to almost every night before bed.

I have a love and fascination for all animals. They are innocent, amazing creatures and their intelligence always surprises me. I think they are evolving and understand more than we give them credit.

My first novel Ping was published in June of 2011. After finishing the sequel Ping Two - Across the Valley I went back and practically rewrote the entire first book. The 2013 edition is now published as Ping - From the Apocalypse.

If you have the old version Ping, please ask Amazon to send you a free update. They will push it through to your device manually. If you bought it elsewhere please contact me and I will help you get it to your device.

The new edition has several added chapters that fill in some gaps. A few of my readers found them too abrupt. The editing is also more professional. I so appreciate the reviews and feedback that I've received! It is an amazing experience to have total strangers read your words. I listen to everything they have to say about my work and try to be objective about it so I can learn and hopefully grow as a writer.

Now living in Central Ontario with my husband, I spend most of my time writing my next novel. But I try to walk on the beach, swim, take photographs, go to movies, and drive around beautiful rural Ontario as often as possible.

I also have a vegan recipe website and cookbook.